18650S 900 Lumen IPX8 Flashlight

18650S 900 Lumen IPX8 Flashlight



18650S Spec


18650S Nicha

18650 Flashlight

18650S Torch

18650S 900lm

18650S Torch

18650S 900lm Nichia 219D LED Flashlight

  • Nicha 219D Led, Max 900 lumens, with one 2600mAh protected USB charging battery
  • 15 Modes, include five brightness modes, strobe, SOS, beacon, moonlight, tactical modes, lock,memory and timing functions
  • Only 99 mm long, smallest size and lightweight, compact tactical flashlight.
  • IPX8 waterproof, up to 2 meters waterproof.
  • Hard anodizing, gold plated springs and perfect parabola reflector.

Normal modes and moonlight function


Option 1. Press and hold the tail switch for 0.5s to access to moonlight level. Then press tail switch quickly to access to memorized mode.


2. Quickly press the tail switch to access to a memorized mode.

When in the memorized mode, quicky press the tail switch to cycle ultra low--low--middle--high--turbo--high--middle--low--ultra low and choose the mode you need.

3.Double press the tail switch to access to a strobe mode, then double press to SOS, beacon to strobe circling. Press once to memory illumination modes.


Press tail switch for 0.5s to turn off the light.


Tactical modes and normal models exchanges

1. Activation: No matter the light is on or off, press tail switch twice to access to Strobe

2. When in strobe mode, press tail switch twice to cycle Strobe → SOS → Beacon → Strobe.

3. Press tail switch quickly to get back to the memorized illumination mode.

NOTES:Normal modes and tactical modes can be changed quickly press the tail switch for 7 times to revise the modes, LED will flash for 6 times to indicate the mode has been revised.


Lock, timing and memory function

1.Lockout function: Lock the tail switch to avoid accidental activation. When 18650S is off, quickly press the tail switch 3 times to access to lockout mode, led will flash 3 times. When the tail switch is locked, press it 3 times to access to unlock mode, led will flash once. Then 18650S can be activated again.


With 18650 2600mAh USB charge battery, no need for a special charger

1. Short circuit protection

2. Over-charge protection

3. Over-discharge protection.

4. Battery can be charge by micro USB cable,

5. Input:DC 5V, 1 Amps

18650 2600mAh 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery include.

No need to buy a special charger for the battery.


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