Active Equalizer Balancer Board 8S

Active Equalizer Balancer Board 8S




Equilibrium mode: capacitor (full group) Equalizer 
Working voltage 2.0-4.2V
Under voltage sleep value: Sleep voltage can be selected from 2.0V 3.0V 3.7V, supporting ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate
Balance accuracy: less than 5mv

Working Conditions
Ternary lithium /LFP lithium iron phosphate parameters
Balanced starting voltage
Balanced termination voltage
2.9V(into under voltage sleep state)
Balance accuracy
Sleeping current
Maximum balance current
The whole group error is 0.1V1A/0.5V 3.5A/ 1.0V 5.5A (18awg 30cm cable test)
3S quiescent current
Full power state(4.2v*3cell)12.6v 12mA
4S quiescent current
Full power state(4.2v*4cell)16.5v 15mA
7S quiescent current
Full power state(4.2v*7cell)29.4v 15mA
8S quiescent current
Full power state(4.2v*8cell)33.6v 11mA
15S/16S/17S on same board
quiescent current
Full power state(4.2v*17cell)71.4v 10mA
Whether external power supply is required
No external power supply is needed, and the whole group is balanced by the internal energy transfer of the battery.
Working environment temperature

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