ANT Smart BMS 7S to 16S 100A + LCD

ANT Smart BMS 7S to 16S 100A + LCD

Product introduction:
Charging current: 50A
Balance current: 100MA
Wiring method: same port
Size: length 14CM width 7CM thickness 1.7CM
Single cell voltage: detection range 1V-4.6V, accuracy less than 5Mv
Overcharged and paid: protected
Working voltage: 15~80V
Short circuit protection: short circuit protection current can be set
Bluetooth connection: for Android android hand sail
Applicable battery: 7-16 string Li-ion Battery; 8-16 string Lifepo4 Battery;8-16S Titanium lithium
Coulomb counter: accurate calculation based on current versus time
Battery remaining capacity, error range is less than 5%
Power consumption: 3mA at work
1.5mA during standby
App available on android under VBMS cost about R80.00
or you can try which is a APK file 
IOS download link
8S Wiring
15S Wiring

Temperature sensors

This model can only connect 2 temperature sensors

The two temperature sensors are connected and not connected, and the protection board can work normally.

The temperature sensor is not connected, and it is normal to display -30 degrees with Bluetooth.

After the protection board is connected to work normally, then connect the temperature sensor.

After the sensor is connected, it is best insulated with a heat shrink tube.

The back is fixed with double-sided tape

T1 and T2 are placed in two different positions of the battery pack to detect the temperature

Protection board start-up instructions

First, the protection board needs to connect all the wires according to the corresponding string number connection diagram, and then follow the figure below:

4P socket has two wires, one red and one black

The red is connected to the positive electrode of the battery, the black is connected to the negative electrode of the battery. It needs to be shorted to a voltage of 3-5V. Shorting it to 2S will turn on the battery. It can be connected to a single battery or any string of voltages in the battery pack. After the protection board is powered on, red lights at both ends flash, indicating that the protection board has been powered on. After powering on, disconnect the two wires. You can also leave the two wires for emergency use after power failure.

The protection board is connected to all the wires, and can be directly plugged into the charger to activate the boot, but some chargers may not be activated.

16S Wiring ANT BMS

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