B4 Flashlight 1200Lm

B4 Flashlight 1200Lm


B4 Folomov

B4 Folomov

Folomov B4

Folomov B4

B4 Folomov Box


1. Cree XP-L V6 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Higher Level of performance than XP-L V5 or XM-L T6 LED.

1200 Lumens output performance due to Low inner resistance and High Effective Circuit Driver.

2. Max beam distance:268 meters

3. Max intensity:18000cd

4. 18650 2600mAh Battery included 

Specially designed for home use and outdoor, sports, camping, hiking etc.

Power indication

1.Battery capacity above 50%: solid green led

2.Battery capacity above 10% and below 50%: red led flashes slowly.

3.Battery capacity below 10%: red led flashes fast (only low mode and middle mode is available)

Switch-lock guard function

1. Lock: when the light is off, press side switch 3 times to lock TOUR B4. Green led will flash 3 times, meaning TOUR B4 is locked.

2. Unlock: when the light is locked, press side switch 3 times to activate TOUR B4. Green led will flash once, meaning TOUR B4 is unlocked.

Lock function will keep TOUR B4 flashlight from accidental switching ON.

1. Turbo: 1200 lumens; High: 400 lumens;Middle: 120 lumens;Low: 10 lumens, (When TOUR B4 is on, quickly press once to change modes by wave way: 10 lumens---120 lumens---400 lumens---1200 lumens---400 lumens---120 lumens---10 lumens)

2. Stroble: 1200 lumens;SOS: 1200 lumens;Beacon: 400 lumens(When TOUR B4 is on, quickly double press change mode, press once to normal mode )

3. Memory function

4. On/off: press and hold side switch. When TOUR B4 is off, quickly double press for strobe mode directly.

 B4 Flashlight


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