Fuse holder & Fuse

Fuse holder & Fuse

Select Fuse current
  • 15A Fuse
  • 30A Fuse
Fuse Holder & Fuse:

Electrical Characteristics:
Rated voltage 1000VDC
Amps 15A or 30A available
Rated braking capacity 33kA dc
Minimum interrupting rating 1.3x In
Time constant under 1ms

IEC 60269-6, EN 60947-3, DC-20B

 Technical Advice to Installers.

According to solar industry standards for protection, two fuses are required, one for positive and one for the negative pole.
To calculate the fuse rating multiply the Amps of the PV string by x1.2.
Example PV String Amps 11.5A x 1.2 = 13.8 Amps. Nearest fuse 15A

PV String Fuses for solar panels gPV - 1000VDC

A range of fuses in a 10x38mm package specifically designer for protection and isolation of photovoltaic strings.
The DC fuses are capable of interrupting low overcurrent's associated with faulted PV (reverse current, multi-array fault) string arrays.


Solar Panels, Solar Photovoltaic, DC Strings. 

Fuse Holder and fuse

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