Fuse holder & Fuse

Fuse holder & Fuse

Select Fuse current
  • 15A Fuse
  • 30A Fuse
Fuse Holder & Fuse:

Electrical Characteristics:
Rated voltage 1000VDC
Amps 15A or 30A available
Rated braking capacity 33kA dc
Minimum interrupting rating 1.3x In
Time constant under 1ms

IEC 60269-6, EN 60947-3, DC-20B


PV String Fuses for solar panels gPV - 1000VDC

A range of fuses in a 10x38mm package specifically designer for protection and isolation of photovoltaic strings.
The DC fuses are capable of interrupting low overcurrent's associated with faulted PV (reverse current, multi-array fault) string arrays.


Solar Panels, Solar Photovoltaic, DC Strings. ADVICE: Always use fuses on positive and negative terminal on any photovoltaic string rated up to 1000VDC

Fuse Holder and fuse

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