Talento 111 230VAC 30min timer


Pool timer

The analogue DIN rail time switches from the house of Grässlin allow switching commands in both daily and weekly programs as well as in the 1-hour program. The products are mostly equipped with motion work, thus setting the time - especially in the weekly version - is much easier. Time and switching times can be checked at a glance, resulting in versatile application possibilities, such as passageway lighting in underpasses, showcase lighting in boutiques or control of pumps in fountains.

Grässlin Talento 111  220-240V 50 Hz Part No. 01.28.0001.1

Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 45 x 35 x 60

Weight approx. - 170g

Power consumption at 230 V~ (AC) - 1VA

Switch contacts - 1 changeover contact

Shortest switching time – daily program - 30min


  • Advertising Lighting
  • Show Window Lighting
  • Water Treatment
  • Pump Control

We offer improved quality of life thanks to intelligent time switch products

From classic analogue DIN-rail timers, through tried-and-tested universal timers and time switch modules, to the cutting edge versions of the digital DIN-rail timers with wireless data transfer via app or LAN network in the talento smart series, Grässlin meets all the requirements of modern building technology and building control. With more than 60 years of experience in the field of time switch technology, Grässlin offers innovative technologies that provide many benefits and make time switching tasks simpler, safer and more energy efficient. New communication technologies like Bluetooth and iCloud (IoT) open up completely new opportunities for specialists to operate complex applications quickly and easily, keeping an eye on improved energy efficiency and lower time costs. 

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